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    • They responded fast, were affordable, and keep my system working at all time!! Great guys…

      Bianca Ramirez
      Bianca Ramirez
    • The guys at CMR installed a new heat pump in my house two years ago, and…

      Edith Bell
      Edith Bell
    • We had a late night emergency in our call center, the guys over at CMR responded…

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      Jake Balendi



    Air conditioning is an essential part of modern life.

    Don't take chances with your home or business when CMR Heating And Air LLC is on hand to provide the air conditioning service you need.


    As your heating system ages, it can lose efficiency or stop working altogether.

    At CMR Heating And Air LLC, our goal is to offer quality heating system installation for all of our valued customers in Fredericksburg, VA.


    One of the best ways to avoid major problems with your furnace is to have it serviced on a regular basis.

    At CMR Heating And Air LLC, we offer furnace service and maintenance packages for home and business owners across Fredericksburg, VA.


    With oil prices rising to record highs and steadily increasing, there's never been a better time to switch over to natural gas.

    If you currently have an oil-based heating system and are considering making a change in favor of natural gas, you'll need a skilled HVAC technician experienced in converting heating systems.

    Why CMR Heating and Air is your best choice?!

    CMR Heating and Air provides Top Quality HVAC Services
    for the Fredericksburg, VA community!

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      Prompt Project Completion

      Let us get your HVAC project completed in a timely manner.

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      HVAC Maintenance

      We can help you with your year round maintenance to keep your HVAC systems in peak condition.

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      Customer Support

      Have an emergency and need help? Contact our 24 hour support line for a quick response to your HVAC emergency.

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      We document every service to help provide you with clear information on updates to your hvac system.

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      Professional Staff

      Our team is professional and courteous of your daily operations. We work in the background as you continue business as usual.

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      HVAC System Diagnosis

      Let us Diagnose your HVAC System to help troubleshoot any problems you may have.

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